Parameter set "matsci-0-3"

Semi-relativistic, self-consistent charge Slater-Koster tables for density-functional based tight-binding (DFTB) for materials science simulations, made at the Technical University of Dresden.

Repulsive potentials are fitted to work with the following systems:

Al-O-Halumina (bulk, surface), gibbsite (bulk, surfaces, clusters)[2, 9]
Al-Si-O-HImogilite nanotubes[3]
Cu-Si-Al-Na-O-HZeolites[2, 3, 7]
Al-O-P-C-HPhosponic acids on alumina[4]
Ti-O-P-C-Hphosphonic acids on titania (rutile, anatase)[5]
Ti-P-O-N-C-HDNA@TiO2 tubes[6]

This is a bugfix version of the matsci-0-2 set, which contained erroneous number of electrons for Na.

Relevant publications

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Publications to be cited

Complete set [1]
Al-O-H [2]
Al-Si-O-H [3]
Al-O-P-C-H [4]
Ti-O-P-C-H [5]
Ti-P-O-N-C-H [6]
Cu-Si, Cu-O, Cu-H, Cu-Na, Na-H, Na-Si, Na-O [7]
O-N-C-B-H [8]


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